Surf Nation is comprised of like-minded coaches and administrators dedicated to our Surf mission to provide the best experiences and opportunities for their athletes. Since 2019, East County Surf has been a proud partner of Surf Nation, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership, watching their amazing club grow and seeing them take full advantage of being under the Surf brand.

We sat down with East County Surf’s Executive Director of Football, Jason Aldous to learn more about how Surf has helped her club, players, coaches, and administrators and their upcoming season goals:

What is the greatest value to being part of the Surf Nation Community?

The greatest value is the network of clubs and the people involved in each of the clubs. They bring a wealth of knowledge that has helped us exponentially.

As we are in the Spring season what are some of the KPI’s you have set for the Club?

Our goals for the spring are to get our teams all moving in the same direction. We want our team culture to have a high standard and accountability in order to foster the best teaching environment for players to develop in. Club wide we are getting ready for our tournaments and getting our coaches excited with our annual coaches’ workshop.

Your club has seen great growth in offering players a quality competitive experience for those in East County – what do you put this down to?

We came together to form East County Surf for the purpose of serving the East County community and beyond. We believe this community was underserved for a long time and needed a club to stand up for the quality of players available in the area. We were able to get into a National league to demonstrate some of the quality we have out here. However, it is a marathon and not a sprint so we will take the momentum we currently have and continue to grow towards our goals.

How is the Club investing time into Coach development that feeds into maximizing the experience of the players?

Every year we run our own coaches’ workshop in an effort to get our coaching working in the same direction to optimize player development and to challenge each other in our own development. We bring in world-renowned coach educators like Raymond Verheijen, Marcel Lucasen and Frans Hoek to raise the bar on our coach’s development in all areas related to coaching youth. On top of all this we invest heavily in our coaches licensing both here and abroad having put 8 coaches through the C license and two through B license just this last year.

What are some of your goals set within the Club going into the 24/25 season?

Our goals for 24/25 are 100% in line with Surf Nation in the pursuit of constant improvement. We believe if we can get even 1% better each day we can make a massive impact. We believe we are first and foremost role models for the youth that we work with on a daily basis. We look to challenge the youth to become the best version of themselves in the team environment and we believe it starts with us constantly looking to improve and hold ourselves to high standards.

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