Niagara Surf Joins the Surf Soccer Family

Launching immediately, Niagara International Football Club (NIFC) will transition to become Niagara Surf Soccer Club and join the Surf Nation Community.

San Diego, CA., August 1, 2023—  Surf Cup Sports (San Diego, CA) is proud to announce the launch of our newest partner club, Niagara Surf. In the world of youth sports, the Surf brand is renowned for professionalism, elite event management, high-quality coaching, and, most importantly, a deep commitment to player development, resulting in hundreds of All-American athletes and thousands of scholarships. Our mission is to create experiences and opportunities for players, and we’re excited to announce our next step toward achieving this goal in the Niagara area and surrounding communities.

Effective immediately, Niagara International Football Club will transition to the newly formed Niagara Surf Soccer Club. Based in Niagara, Ontario, and surrounding communities reaching into Western New York, Niagara Surf will join the Surf brand to build a regional powerhouse that will create improved experiences, shared resources, and opportunities for all players within the Club.

The Surf Nation community has a proven track record of developing players and seeing them move through the player pathway into National Team Programs and into the professional and collegiate ranks. Led by the most experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate soccer minds in the area, Niagara Surf will provide high-quality programming and a complete pathway for elite players within the Niagara market.

“We strive to make Surf Nation stronger in talent every single day,” says Andy Prosser, Surf Nation Director. “As our Surf Nation Program continues to expand, we must partner with like-minded sports management executives, coaches, and administrators dedicated to our mission to provide the best experiences and opportunities for their athletes. Niagara Surf offers an Academy style program that aims to showcase & compete locally, regionally, and nationally. As soon as I met Andre, I knew this was an excellent fit for the Academy to represent the Surf brand in an area with such a deep player and coach talent,” added Prosser.

“We are delighted to announce the strategic move facilitated by the collaboration with Surf Soccer. With a shared vision of excellence in soccer development, NIFC will seamlessly evolve into Niagara Surf, offering the Best of the Best for young athletes in the Niagara, Hamilton, and Western New York (WNY) regions. Through this partnership, Niagara Surf is poised to enhance the local soccer landscape by providing exceptional opportunities for players to flourish. With a strong track record of helping numerous players secure scholarships and fostering unique soccer experiences, the alliance between Niagara Surf and Surf Soccer promises to be a game-changer, paving the way for a new generation of exceptional talent to emerge and shine on the regional and national stage.” Says Andre Pacheco, Club President.

Niagara Surf will continue to provide the best player development experience, pathway, and opportunities in the community. Being part of the Surf Nation network, players and families will have access to additional support on and off the field to ensure we remain the number one soccer destination.

The top players from Niagara Surf will have direct access to Surf Select, an unprecedented identification program built through Surf Nation. This program allows selected players to compete in the best international and domestic events, picking from a player pool that expands from Puerto Rico, Rhode Island to Hawaii and Canada.

For more information and tryout information, visit https://www.niagarasurfsoccer.com/

About Surf:

For over 46 years, Surf has been one of the founding organizations in youth soccer. With over $12 Million in charitable donations, 25 national championships, and countless professional, collegiate, and youth national team players, we are forever striving to be the “Best of the Best.”

Niagara Surf joins our 53 Surf National Affiliates to comprise what we’re proud to call Surf Nation.