Surf Cup Sports (San Diego, CA) is proud to announce the launch of our newest partner club, Glacier Surf. Based in Kalispell, Montana, Glacier Surf will join the Surf brand to build a community powerhouse to create improved experiences and opportunities for all players within the community and surrounding areas. As continued expansion within Montana, Glacier Surf will engage and collaborate with our existing partners in Montana and work alongside our Pacific Northwest partners to provide further opportunities for players on a state and regional level.

Glacier Surf will be launching with the support of the San Diego Surf Club, which has a proven track record of developing players and seeing them move through the player pathway into the US National Team Program and the professional and collegiate ranks. Led by a community of experienced coaches and passionate soccer minds in Northwest Montana, Glacier Surf will provide high-quality programming and a clear pathway for players throughout Flathead County. The Glacier Surf leadership team will work with and learn from existing Surf Nation affiliates to deliver a holistic approach to player development which will challenge players to learn the game in a positive and encouraging environment.

“We strive to make Surf Nation stronger in talent every single day,” says Brian Enge, Surf CEO. “As our Surf Nation Program continues to expand, it’s important that we partner with clubs and staff that are run by like-minded coaches and administrators, as they are dedicated to our mission to provide the best of the best experiences and opportunities for their athletes. We are delighted to move into an untapped area with quality players and coaches who will benefit greatly from being part of the Surf community.

Glacier Surf will strive to provide the county’s best player development experience, pathway, and opportunities. By joining the Surf Nation community, Glacier Surf players and families will receive additional support both on and off the field to ensure we become the number one soccer destination in the area.

“We are thrilled to join Surf Nation and to become Glacier Surf,” says Executive Director Nate Evans. Partnering with Surf aligns our club, our community, our coaches, and our players with the top soccer club in the country. This historic partnership will provide playing opportunities, both regionally and nationally, that have never been available to players of the Flathead valley. Specifically, the top players from the Flathead Valley will now be able to try out for the Surf Regional Team and ultimately for the Surf Select National Team. Our coaching staff will also have access to and be able to utilize the Surf Curriculum for player development which will only continue to raise the level of our teams and players. This partnership ensures our club’s future for decades to come, while also providing the most playing & competing opportunities for our players.”

The top players in Glacier Surf will have direct access to Surf Select, an identification program built through Surf Nation. This program offers selected players the opportunity to compete in the best international and domestic events, picking from a player pool that expands from Rhode Island to Hawaii.

About Surf:
For over 45 years, Surf has been one of the founding organizations in youth soccer. With over $7 Million in charitable donations, 16 national championships, and countless professional, collegiate, and youth national team players, we are forever striving to be the “Best of the Best.” Glacier Surf joins 48 Surf National Affiliates to comprise what we are proud to call Surf Nation